How You Can Help

This page will contain details of ways you can contribute to helping our impacted community…

Gifting Funds…

Many folk out of town always want to know how they can contribute. There are many many NGO’s in Christchurch that provide support. We feel that this issue is a Christchurch City Council problem and they need to take the lead. The city has a well funded welfare arm, information can be found in the following link…

Keep the Public Pressure On

Don’t let this council push the issues off the table and become “Business As Usual”. It’s really easy to do, just engage. Follow the community Facebook pages, listen to the morning radio on 3ZB NewsTalk Canterbury Mornings, call the show, make, like and share social media posts.

Call your local councilors and community board members.

Look After The Community

Find a friend, be a friend. If you know people in the area then “check in and check up”.

If you don’t personally know people in the area, check your own social networks and work out if they do. People who support others also need support.

Know what to look for:
* Are people you know lacking sleep?
* Are they not looking after themselves as well as they normally do?
* Have you seen them recently?
* Are they becoming isolated?

Help People to Reach Out for Support

Lots of support exists in the community to help people through the next 6 months while we wait for Council to clean this mess up.

Some people will need help with washing, getting out of their homes, just a cup of tea.

Some will need help with costs. WINZ, MSD exists to help and there is a range of ways to access that assistance, you don’t have to pay, we have a government who do that. However knowing how to access that help can be complex. Organizations exist to help people access help they’re entitled to.

Who To Talk To If Someone Is Unwell

Your doctor. Doctors are the health lead in the community, use them.

This crisis comes with a massive mental health loading and doctors are there to help us all navigate the troubled waters.

Mental health support is now free and funded so make use of it.

If you’re struggling with someone else then reach out to “Your Army”, you don’t have to carry a social load on your own.

Call Health Line – 0800 611 116

Health Line is a really useful Government service to that helps the health department understand if a community needs more support, use it.


Remember to respect privacy of others. 🙂