What Next

This page is going to be a rolling update of pledges for action by both the community and council…

Last week:

Council meeting – council made a number of pledges. Details will be in the council minutes [link]

This week:

Media: John MacDonald is covering the issues with the mayor on News Talk ZB on Monday Morning after 10am.

Top Issues: Insurance seems to be a significant road block. The question exists if a repaired plant, in its current form, can be re-insured or if the current design poses to much risk. Understanding who’s helping is important. Knowing who’s insuring our plant and what they’re doing to make haste is important.

New plant design – understanding what sort of 21st century sewer system the city needs is important. Seeking out media to ask those questions and explaining that to the wider community is important.

Community Support: Many agencies exist to provide support. Making contact with those agencies and asking them how they are and can support the impacted community is important. Sharing that message via the media is important. Finding anyone that is isolated is important.