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Council creates revised plan to fight the wastewater plant stench (The Press 13 March 24)

Council Censured ongoing stench plagues residents (The Press 4 March 24)

Bromley wastewater stench returns with a vengeance (RNZ 12 Dec 23)

Mayor apologises for Bromley wastewater plant fire response (Star 3 Nov 23)

‘We are sorry’: Council apologises for response to Bromley wastewater plant stench ( ODT 27 Oct 23)

Council formally apologises over ‘appalling’ response to Bromley stench (The Press 27 Oct 23)

Independent report slams Christchurch City Council’s response to Bromley wastewater plant fire (Newshub 13 Oct 23)

Bromley wastewater plant report: Residents want ‘real compensation’ (RNZ 13 Oct 23)

Report reveals issues with Chch council’s handling of Bromley stench (RNZ Audio 13 Oct 2023)

Report shows Christchurch City Council lagged in response to broken wastewater plant (RNZ Audio 13 Oct 2023)

Council response to Bromley fire ‘poor and slow’, independent report says (RNZ 13 Oct 2023)

Community let down by council’s response to wastewater plant fire (The Press 13 Oct 2023)

Bromley School children breathe sigh of relief after receiving air purifiers to reduce stench (Newshub 19 Sept 23)

Christchurch head of Three Waters resigns after extended leave (RNZ 4 July 23)

Bromley fire report findings consistent with FENZ investigator’s report (14 June 2023)

Chch woman says Bromley plant stench has given her pneumonia (One News 19 June 23)

Cold weather is making the stench from Christchurch’s fire-damaged wastewater plant worse (8 June 2023)

Exhausted Bromley residents target council over wastewater stench (31 May 2023)

Oxidation pond aerators fully operational to minimise winter odours (14 April 23)

More odour possible from fire-damaged wastewater plant as cooler weather kicks in (7 April 2023)

New aerators could keep the Bromley stench at bay this winter (8 March 2023)

Christchurch to have less smelly poo ponds (3 March 2023)

Contractor says his employees did not cause devastating wastewater plant fire (17 Dec 2022)

Likely cause of Bromley wastewater plant fire revealed (16 Dec 2022)

‘Open flame type tool’ likely started devastating wastewater treatment plant blaze (16 Dec 2022)

Mystery lingers over cause of Christchurch wastewater treatment plant fire a year on from blaze (2 Nov 2022)

Geese, ducks (and midges) return to Christchurch poo ponds (23 Sep 2022)

Council to reimburse woman for air purifiers bought to battle stinky suburb (23 Aug 2022)

Bromley wastewater stench: Christchurch City Council faces lawsuit over air purifier costs (14 Aug 2022)

Christchurch wastewater treatment plant repairs ahead of schedule (8 Aug 2022)

Christchurch wastewater treatment plant repairs ahead of schedule (5 Aug 2022)

Sewage plant stink likely discoloured Bromley houses – report (4 Aug 2022)

Another $180k to help people dealing with Bromley wastewater plant stink (3 Aug 2022)

Council announces more support for Christchurch residents affected by stench from damaged wastewater treatment plant (3 Aug 2022)

Bromley wastewater plant: Report shows stench likely caused paint discolouration (3 Aug 2022)

New system to reduce stench from Christchurch’s wastewater plant up and running (27 Jul 2022)

Christchurch’s wastewater stench described as a ‘400-year-old long drop toilet’ as residents continue to endure smell (26 Jul 2022)

Gas levels from Christchurch’s fire-damaged wastewater plant worse in area not covered by council payment (14 Jul 2022)

Bromley plant stench: Workers need respiratory equipment to keep safe (10 Jul 2022)

Quality of Christchurch’s treated sewage worsens as winter bites (8 Jul 2022)

Residents consider legal action over rotten stench from Bromley’s wastewater treatment plant (8 Jul 2022)

Residents eye legal action over smell from Bromley wastewater treatment plant (8 Jul 2022)

New system to reduce stench from Christchurch’s wastewater plant up and running (7 Jul 2022)

Opinion: Christchurch City Council in a no-win situation with Bromley residents surrounded by the stink (30 Jun 2022)

Bromley stench ‘extraordinarily unlikely’ to cause long-term problems, Canterbury health official says (30 Jun 2022)

Wastewater treatment plant stench causing ‘nausea, headaches and irritation’ (30 Jun 2022)

No long-term harm to residents from treatment plant – health expert (30 Jun 2022)

Bromley residents vent frustrations over continued stink at fiery public meeting (29 Jun 2022)

‘Fix this frigging mess’: Bromley residents fed up with stench (28 Jun 2022)

Mysterious dark stains on Christchurch homes not mould, so what are they? (26 Jun 2022)

One (almost) down, one to go – Christchurch wastewater treatment plant work makes ‘great progress’ (22 Jun 2022)

‘All the worst things you can think of’: Christchurch residents stricken by city’s stench (17 Jun 2022)

Compensation for wastewater plant stench ‘insulting’ to Bromley residents (14 Jun 2022)

Images show huge task of cleaning up burnt-out Bromley wastewater plant in Christchurch (12 Jun 2022)

Clean-up of wastewater treatment plant continues as smell worsens (10 Jun 2022)

Dramatic images show scale of damage at Christchurch wastewater plant (10 Jun 2022)

Work finally underway to clear smelly, damaged Christchurch wastewater plant, residents wonder why it’s taken so long (9 Jun 2022)

Hamish Clark: Good riddance to the Christchurch stink – ‘the pong is on the move’ (9 Jun 2022)

Hope for pong-plagued residents as Christchurch’s air could get better sooner than expected (9 Jun 2022)

Cleanup of Bromley wastewater treatment plant continues as smell worsens (6 June 2022)

Too stinky? Row between two councils over organics plant and its stench could end up in court (5 Jun 2022)

Treatment plant stench to get worse as contractors begin removing rotting material (4 Jun 2022)

Satisfaction with Christchurch council plummets to 15-year low (4 Jun 2022)

Bromley wastewater plant: First loads of filter material being removed (3 Jun 2022)

More misery for Christchurch residents as putrid smell set to get worse (2 Jun 2022)

Metro News 31 May 2022

Prezzy cards for residents affected by Bromley wastewater plant running low (31 May 2022)

Bromley stench: Residents label council’s support package rollout ‘massive fail’ (31 May 2022)

Stephen McPaike: The Council is not looking at giving affected businesses any compensation (31 May 2022)

Mayor apologises over ‘failure’ to communicate with stench-hit community (31 May 2022)

‘Death mixed with a septic tank’: What happens when a bad odour lingers (31 May 2022)

Lianne Dalziel: This has been coming for a while (30 May 2022)

People reportedly steal bills to get $200 payment for stench-hit community (30 May 2022)

John MacDonald: Wastewater plant compensation offer stinks (27 May 2022)

Council investigating ‘dreadful’ stains on homes near stinky wastewater plant (27 May 2022)

Bromley residents affected by waste water plant stench to receive $1 million support (26 May 2022)

‘An absolute insult’: Residents dealing with rotten stench from wastewater plant say $200 not enough (26 May 2022)

Bromley stench: Help for residents who cannot hang laundry outside (25 May 2022)

Call for health registry of those affected by east Christchurch pong (24 May 2022)

SVO launches new service picking up laundry for people near Bromley wastewater plant (24 May 2022)

Student army provides stench-free laundry service to residents affected by smelly wastewater plant (23 May 2022)

‘Compounding trauma’: The stench invading Bromley homes (23 May 2022)

Work to ease putrid stench in east Christchurch delayed by air freight trouble (22 May 2022)

Council earmarks $1m for those suffering a wastewater plant pong – but only for 3000 households (20 May 2022)

Volume of midges and bird life on Christchurch poo ponds now ‘very low’ (19 May 2022)

Wildlife flee pungent Christchurch wastewater plant (19 May 2022)

NZ Herald Opinion: Bromley wastewater plant smell is getting worse (19 May 2022)

Bromley smell: Council told to put their money where their stench is (18 May 2022)

Council cancels ‘wellbeing workshops’ for community living with wastewater stench (18 May 2022)

Bromley residents ask for compensation from Christchurch City Council for living with pungent stench (18 May 2022)

Support package for wastewater plant stench must help ‘everyone that’s affected’ (18 May 2022)

John MacDonald: Council opened a can of worms over Bromley stench (18 May 2022)

Financial support for residents hit by soaring bills over putrid wastewater plant pong (17 May 2022)

Stuff Opinion: Council’s refusal to act pragmatically on stinky wastewater plant the biggest gaffe of all (17 May 2022)

‘Completely screwed up’: Mayor admits lack of communication over Bromley smell (16 May 2022)

The big stink: Christchurch residents fed up with nauseating stench six months after Bromley wastewater treatment plant fire (15 May 2022)

Bromley stench: Residents boo council workers at meeting (14 May 2022)

Council to consider community fund to help Bromley affected residents (14 May 2022)

Bromley stench: Council workers booed at community meeting (14 May 2022)

Frustrated Bromley locals to air grievances with mayor (13 May 2022)

Residents promised ‘transparency’ and ‘solutions’ as council bosses front over wastewater plant stench (13 May 2022)

Christchurch wastewater plant stench: Bromley school children complain of sickness, lost concentration (13 May 2022)

‘Revolting smell’ gives Christchurch schoolkids headaches, difficulty concentrating (13 May 2022)

‘Pure sewer’: Stressed Christchurch community lives under the eternal stench of poo (13 May 2022)

Bromley residents meeting to push for more action on reducing Christchurch stench (13 May 2022)

Christchurch Mayor apologises to the public (13 May 2022)

Residents want city council to do more about the Bromley smell (12 May 2022)

Bromley stench: Remedial work begins as councillors query months of inaction (12 May 2022)

Bromley resident Caleb Saunderson: Horrendous is one word for it (12 May 2022)

Damaged Christchurch wastewater plant: Rotting material removal set to begin (12 May 2022)

Work starts to remove stench (12 May 2022)

Rotten material to be removed from damaged wastewater treatment plant (11 May 2022)

Christchurch stink has residents taking matters into their own hands (10 May 2022)

Bromley stench: Residents fed up with council (9 May 2022)

NZ Herald – Opinion: Why Christchurch residents beside sewage ponds sleep with windows open at night (5 May 2022)

Sulphurous gases detected at damaged Bromley wastewater plant in Christchurch (3 May 2022)

Sulphurous gases detected at damaged Christchurch wastewater plant (2 May 2022)

Bromley residents kick up their own stink at council meeting (29 April 2022)

Lianne Dalziel: No quick fix for wastewater treatment plant stench (29 April 2022)

Bromley residents describe smell wafting over suburb (28 April 2022)

Expect fireworks at council meeting over Christchurch wastewater stench (26 April 2022)

$10m contract to remove rotting material from wastewater treatment plant (22 April 2022)

Christchurch mayoral candidate wants to fill fire truck with bleach to get rid of wastewater plant stench (21 April 2022)

Putrid pong from Christchurch wastewater plant to worsen, council warns (12 April 2022)

Council’s timeline to fix Christchurch wastewater stink ‘too pedestrian’, says Yardley (12 April 2022)

Christchurch residents say they are “physically sick” from the foul stench coming from broken wastewater plant (8 April 2022)

‘Horrendous, foul, toxic stench’ from Christchurch wastewater plant worsens (6 April 2022)

“We are miserable” Bromley residents fed up with rotting egg smells (6 April 2022)

Fixes for stink plaguing Christchurch suburb don’t impress (25 March 2022)

Work to limit smell from fire-damaged wastewater plant nears completion (16 March 2022)

Boss of fire-ravaged wastewater plant apologises for rotten smell – which could be gone in months (12 Feb 2022)

‘Nights that I virtually couldn’t breathe’: Resident living with Bromley ‘stench’ wants compensation (24 Jan 2022)

Council staff work to reduce stink from fire-damaged wastewater plant (13 Jan 2022)

Council’s ‘medium-term solution’ for stink from fire-ravaged wastewater plant (17 Dec 2021)

Tonnes of melted material removed from fire-ravaged wastewater plant (9 Dec 2021)

Bad smells from Christchurch’s fire-ravaged wastewater plant to continue for years (9 Dec 2021)

Odour from wastewater treatment plant could last months, council says (2 Dec 2021)

The smell from Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant could last for months (2 Dec 2021)

Council ponders how to inspect burnt filters at wastewater plant without worsening odour (26 Nov 2021)

Wastewater treatment plant fire extinguished (22 Nov 2021)

Wastewater treatment blaze extinguished after burning for 19 days (19 Nov 2021)

Efforts to cool hot spots at wastewater plant continue more than a week after blaze (10 Nov 2021)

Drone footage shows Bromley wastewater treatment plant after fire (5 Nov 2021)

Extent of damage unclear as council assesses fire-ravaged wastewater treatment plant (3 Nov 2021)

Christchurch wastewater plant fire could cost millions (2 Nov 2021)

Council not yet able to assess damage after wastewater treatment plant blaze (2 Nov 2021)

Investigation into fire that tore through wastewater treatment plant (2 Nov 2022)

Water discharging into sea not up to standard after Christchurch treatment plant fire (2 Nov 2021)

Fire breaks out at Christchurch wastewater plant (1 Nov 2021)